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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): What are they – and aside from reporting and regulation, how do you integrate SDGs into asset allocation and portfolio construction?

Join analytics and index provider Qontigo and APG on behalf of the Sustainable Development Investments Platform (SDI AOP) for this webinar, where we will cover topics including:

  • Where SDGs fit in the landscape of responsible investing
  • The importance of SDGs in portfolio construction
  • Building customized indices integrating ESG criteria with risk budget and performance-related objectives
  • Real life applications of the SDI AOP data

Skyrocketing consumer prices around the world are once again turning the correlation of stock and bond returns positive, severely limiting diversification opportunities for multi-asset class investors. The accompanying surge in interest rates sent shockwaves through government and investment-grade bond markets, as traders brought forward their expectations of central-bank rate hikes. Index-linked government securities were hit especially hard and are now as risky as equities. High-yield bonds, in contrast, benefitted from tighter credit spreads, as stock markets continued their ascent. Commodity currencies also stand to profit from the underlying rise in costs for energy and raw materials.
Join us in this webinar to hear more about the biggest risks and opportunities in multi-asset class investing in the coming year.

2021 has been a year of strong markets and declining risk, lower asset volatility and declining correlations, as stocks tended to move more on their individual characteristics rather than because of broad ties to market movements. Style factor returns were much closer to expectations as compared with 2020, while macroeconomic factors played an important role in investor behavior. In this webinar we will review the risk environment in 2021 from a number of vantage points, and hope to help managers and asset owners prepare for their year-end conversations.

Demand for customized portfolios among individual investors is growing and the industry has responded with sharp increases in acquisitions and product offerings in the marketplace. Our panelists from Charles River Development and Qontigo will discuss the industry drivers leading to this surge in adoption, past obstacles to portfolio customization, and how wealth and asset managers can best leverage technology to provide customized portfolios that improve investor outcomes while streamlining operations and managing costs.

Things are not always as they appear. 2020 will be remembered as the year of the COVID-19 crash, yet “Risk-On” strategies greatly outperformed their “Risk-Off” counterparts on the back of unprecedented QE programs. 2021 saw no fewer than 60 historical new highs for the US market, yet “Risk-Off” strategies outperformed “Risk-On” ones as investor sentiment remained highly skeptical all year. Where is sentiment now? What are factor returns telling us about investor’s strategy implementations ahead of 2022? Are there regional differences in how investors are playing the post-pandemic global economic recovery? Join us for this webinar as we evaluate this past year and extract the most useful insights for investors in 2022.

Join BlackRock’s and Qontigo’s seasoned experts for a discussion on latest developments in the thematic space and views on market trends.

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Monthly Index News: November 2021

Stocks fell in November, with indices reverting gains in the month’s last three sessions, as the emergence of the Omicron variant raised concerns the COVID-19 pandemic may continue to undermine the global economy.

Portfolio Risk Management

Q&A with Qontigo’s ROOF Scores creator: Olivier d’Assier

We sat down with Olivier d’Assier, Head of Applied Research for APAC, to discuss the development of Qontigo’s ROOF Scores and how these scores can be leveraged to drive enhanced portfolio performance.

Index / ETFs

Changes in composition of the STOXX Europe 600 Index

December 1, 2021 – Qontigo has announced the new composition of the STOXX Europe 600 Index.

Index / ETFs

Q&A with State Street and Qontigo: ESG ETFs evolving alongside investors’ deeper sustainability commitment

Rebecca Chesworth, Senior Equities Strategist at State Street Global Advisors SPDR ETFs; and Hamish Seegopaul, Head of R&D for ESG and Quantitative Indices at Qontigo, discuss the change in underlying index for the SPDR® STOXX Europe 600 ESG Screened UCITS ETF and how clients’ ESG needs are shaping the product offering.

Portfolio Risk Management

Multi-Asset Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended November 26, 2021

Share prices and sovereign yields fall, as Omicron variant triggers flight to safety; Sliding stocks and COVID concerns boost credit-risk premia; FX effect makes non-USD assets seem more correlated.

Portfolio Risk Management

Equity Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended November 25, 2021

US investors play defense ahead of the holidays; Emerging market investors not compensated for higher risk; Turkish lira plunges on rising regulatory risk.

Portfolio Risk Management

Qontigo ROOF™ Score Highlights: Week of November 29, 2021

Investor sentiment ended the week at its low, with developed Europe and developed world investor sentiment narrowly avoiding a return to the bearish zone.

Portfolio Risk Management

Axioma Risk: Elements – Have your cake and eat it too: Reduce TCO without sacrificing incisive analysis

Siepe shares its view on the partnership, the significance of the solution, and the key trends it is helping to address among its hedge fund, asset management and asset owner clients.


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