Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Der DAX 30 ESG Index ist das jüngste Mitglied einer Familie deutscher ESG-Benchmarks. Er bildet die deutschen Large Caps mit den höchsten ESG-Scores ab, die von ISS ESG ermittelt wurden.
The DAX 30 ESG index is the latest introduction to a family of German ESG benchmarks. It tracks the country’s large-caps with the highest ESG scores determined by ISS ESG.
Qontigo hat die globale STOXX ESG Länder PAB Index-Familie an vier Bundesländer lizenziert. PAB (Paris-aligned Benchmark) steht für die ambitionierteste EU-Verordnung zu fossilen Ausschlusskriterien und Verringerung von Treibhausgas für Indexanbieter.
The largest constituent of Germany’s equity benchmark has announced it plans to delist its shares from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. A replacement in DAX and STOXX indices will be announced on Feb. 17.
Qontigo has been busy in the past two years enhancing the DAX rulebook, to bolster the quality of constituent companies, bring selection criteria in line with international standards and improve representativeness of the underlying markets. Serkan Batir, Qontigo’s Managing Director for Indices, says the overhaul helps ensure the benchmark is fit for purpose in an evolving financial landscape.
Qontigo, a global provider of indices and analytics and part of Deutsche Börse Group, has licensed the STOXX PSBC China A ESG Index to Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC). The index serves as an underlying for an onshore wealth management vehicle launched by PSBC. The index applies an ESG score, exclusionary screens, and incorporates Qontigo’s quantitative portfolio construction tools.
The last two years have been among the most eventful in the blue-chip DAX® index’s three-decade life. Qontigo, which manages the German benchmark and its entire family of indices, has since 2020 pursued DAX’s biggest overhaul since its inception. The aim has been to bolster the quality of constituent companies, bring selection criteria in line with international standards and improve representativeness.
Investors can access three different German benchmarks that follow an ESG strategy designed to meet specific needs and responsible objectives, and that have the same rules and transparency characteristics as the blue-chip DAX index.
What if investors had a tool to ensure that the portfolios they construct are sentimentally aligned with both the manager’s intent and the benchmarks? A tool that by definition enhances the portfolio-construction process by exposing—and enabling the fine tuning—of factor exposures impacting that sentimental alignment? Thanks to the efforts of Qontigo’s Applied Research team, this is now possible.
When the Axioma Global Multi-Asset Class Risk Model (AXGMM) is combined with the industry-leading Axioma Portfolio Optimizer, the ability to track, tilt and hedge multi-asset class portfolios is exceptional. But its prowess in handling fixed income portfolios on their own should not be overlooked.
Qontigo announced today the appointment of Axel Lomholt as Chief Product Officer, Indices & Benchmarks, with overall responsibility for the STOXX and DAX index portfolio.
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