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One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, these are the top 10 takeaways from its effects on European equity markets.
Our top 10 takeaways looking at the effects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on developed vs. emerging equity markets in charts.
Our top 10 takeaways looking at the effects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on the equity markets in charts.
Investor sentiment held on to a mostly bullish feeling over the holiday period. Four (Asia ex-Japan, Global Developed Markets ex-US, Global Emerging Markets, and the UK) of the five markets that ended 2023 with a bullish sentiment, started 2024 feeling the same way. On Friday last week, they were joined by a fifth market, as Chinese investors (substituting for European investors, three weeks ago), raised their hopes for the fourth time in the last six months, for that all elusive economic stimulus package from the authorities.
This week’s edition of the Axioma Equity Risk Monitor covers the major trends in 2023 with links to many of our blog posts; for more details, please register for our Axioma Insight 2023 Risk Review webinar, taking place on 10 January.
The case study will show how EMI approaches three different requirements by the end client related to tax-managed investing, using the portfolio construction and decision-making tool, Axioma Portfolio Optimizer.
Transaction costs play a crucial role for any investor considering adopting sustainable principles in their investments. This study from ISS LiquidMetrix and STOXX investigates the costs, and cost efficiencies, of shifting a benchmark portfolio of European equities to climate-transition versions.
Global risk appetites plunge; Asset diversification remains high; Israeli market tanks.
Investor sentiment remains bearish in seven out of ten markets we follow, falling to new year-to-date lows in Asia ex-Japan, Global Developed markets, and the US. Elsewhere, UK investors managed to hold on to a neutral stance but with a growing negative tilt, Australian investors turned negative but not yet bearish, and Chinese investors grew bullish, for the first time since late August, on early signs that their economy may have bottomed out.
In 10 charts, Diana Baechle, Principal of Applied Research at Axioma, summarizes the initial market reactions of Israel and the Middle East to the Israel-Hamas war.
Biodiversity is vital for our planet and society. With the emergence of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, investors are gaining a better understanding of biodiversity-linked risks and opportunities in their portfolios. This paper begins by exploring the current metrics available for assessing the biodiversity footprints of companies. It then describes the ISS STOXX framework for building biodiversity indices, based on three fundamental steps: "Avoid," "Minimize," and "Enable."
Investor sentiment declined last week in all markets we follow except China, where investors returned from a week-long holiday to the sound of “further stimulus is coming”, boosting their mood from neutral to positive. Sentiment in the UK also bucked the trend by remaining neutral. Elsewhere, investors turned bearish in Global developed markets, Global developed ex-US markets, and Europe.
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