Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

History & Milestones

Qontigo is a financial intelligence innovator and a leader in the modernization of investment management, from risk to return.

The combination of the group’s world-class indices and best-of-breed analytics, with its technological expertise and customer-driven innovation, enables its clients to achieve competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Qontigo’s global client base includes the world’s largest financial products issuers, capital owners and asset managers. Created in 2019 through the combination of Axioma, DAX and STOXX, Qontigo is part of Deutsche Börse Group, headquartered in Eschborn with key locations in New York, Zug and London.

Here are a few milestones that we achieved along the way:


  • Nov 2022: Launch of STOXX World Equity indices
  • Jul 2022: Qontigo partners with CEPRES to provide risk modeling solutions for private market assets
  • Jun 2022: Eurex introduces first futures on three STOXX thematic indices
  • Apr 2022: Qontigo enhances fixed income model suite with Axioma Credit Spread Factor Risk Model
  • Feb 2022: Qontigo launches US Trading Horizon equity factor risk model
  • Jan 2022: Qontigo integrates sustainability data (Sustainalytics, Clarity AI, ISS ESG, and RepRisk) in Axioma portfolio construction tools

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  • Nov 2021: Qontigo extends sustainability offering by adding carbon price factor in global macro projection model
  • Oct 2021: Launch of STOXX Willis Tower Watson Climate Transition Indices (CTI)
  • Sep 2021: DAX expands from 30 to 40 components
  • Sep 2021: Launch of iSTOXX APG Responsible Investment Indices
  • Apr 2021: Launch of STOXX & DAX ESG Target and ESG Target TE Indices, along with STOXX SRI Indices
  • Mar 2021: Qontigo Expands Equity Factor Risk Model Suite with Global Macroeconomic Projection Model
  • Mar 2021: New DAX® rules kick in
  • Feb 2021: Launch of STOXX Industry Neutral Ax Factor Indices
  • Jan 2021: MDAX® turns 25

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  • 2020: Axioma Next Gen Fixed Income Risk Models
  • 2020: Robust curves, granular and fundamental factor models including style factors
  • 2020: Launch of EU-Compliant Climate Benchmark Indices
  • 2020: Launch of EURO STOXX ESG & DAX 50 ESG Futures & Options on Eurex
  • 2020: Qontigo introduces the STOXX ESG-X Factor Index Suite including 36 indices covering 6 factors and 6 equity universes. The entire STOXX ESG-X Index Suite now encompasses over 70 indices
  • 2020: Qontigo launched the DAX® 50 ESG, the new benchmark for German sustainable equity investments
  • 2020: Qontigo launches the STOXX Factor Index Suite encompassing 42 indices covering 6 factors and 7 equity universes

  • 2019: STOXX extends Thematic suite with two new indices: EURO iSTOXX® Ocean Care 40 and STOXX® Global Next Generation Telecoms
  • 2019: Eurex launches options on the STOXX® Europe 600 ESG-X Index and STOXX® Europe ESG Leaders Select 30 EUR Index, the first contracts of their kind, as well as futures contracts on the latter
  • 2019: STOXX becomes part of Qontigo
  • 2019: Deutsche Börse AG has transferred its index administrator role (as defined under the EU Benchmarks Regulation) in relation to the DBAG’s indices (DAX, eb.rexx, etc.) to STOXX
  • 2019: STOXX has acquired recognition by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as a third-country benchmark administrator
  • 2019: STOXX launches 42 new ESG-X indices, including an ESG-X version of the flagship EURO STOXX 50®
  • 2019: STOXX launches the EURO STOXX 50 ESG, an ESG version of its flagship index EURO STOXX 50®
  • 2019: STOXX’s thematic index offering now covers even more megatrends: Housing Construction, Industry 4.0, Millennials, Sharing Economy, Silver Economy, Smart Cities and Smart Factory
  • 2019: Derivatives exchange Eurex introduces the first ESG futures on three STOXX benchmarks

  • 2018: axiomaBlue: Open enterprise environment enabling integrated best-of-breed applications
  • 2018: STOXX launches the STOXX® Europe 600 ESG-X Index: a key benchmark with standardized ESG exclusions that reflects responsible-investing policies
  • 2018: STOXX expands its thematics suite with indices covering blockchain, fintech and B.R.AI.N (biotechnology, robotics, AI and nanotechnology)
  • 2018: STOXX launches the EURO STOXX® Multi Premia® Index, combining seven proven risk premia using a methodology based on academic research
  • 2018: STOXX launches a range of LDI bond indices, tailored to the needs of UK defined benefit pension schemes
  • 2018: STOXX launches the first-ever index tracking AI innovators that selects its constituents based on an AI algorithm

  • 2017: STOXX introduces iSTOXX Europe Single & Multi-Factor Market Neutral Indices

  • 2016: Regulatory Reporting: Integrated risk & reporting technologies and managed services platform
  • 2016: STOXX goes thematic with indices focusing on Ageing Population, Automation & Robotics, Digitalisation and Breakthrough Healthcare
  • 2016: STOXX introduces multi-asset indices blending equity and fixed income
  • 2016: STOXX launches the unique EURO STOXX 50 Corporate Bond Index
  • 2016: STOXX launches a comprehensive family of low-carbon indices

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  • 2015: STOXX extends its smart-beta offering by introducing the STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select families
  • 2015: Deutsche Börse AG acquires SIX‘s share in STOXX and becomes the sole owner of STOXX
  • 2013: Enterprise Multi-Asset Class Risk and Fixed Income Risk Models
  • 2013: Launch of Axioma Risk
  • 2013: Cloud-native risk management system
  • 2013: STOXX launches first dividend index for ASEAN region
  • 2013: STOXX launches the GC Pooling index family in cooperation with Eurex

  • 2012: Axioma Indices – Portfolio construction tools used to generate factor-based strategies
  • 2012: STOXX launches Minimum Variance indices
  • 2012: STOXX introduces a market classification model and indices for emerging markets

  • 2011: Client-Customizable Risk Models Innovative solution enhancing the Global Equity Risk Model suite
  • 2011: Partnership with Azure
  • 2011: Development of Multi-Asset Class Risk System
  • 2011: STOXX launches the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index family, an innovative series of environmental, social, governance (ESG) indices

  • 2010: STOXX extends its equity index offering, adding indices for global regions and emerging markets
  • 2010: STOXX becomes the marketing agent for Deutsche Börse and SIX Swiss Exchange indices, amongst them the DAX and SMI indices

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  • 2009: Deutsche Börse AG and SIX AG become sole shareholders of STOXX after Dow Jones & Co. exits the joint venture

  • 2008: Global Equity Risk Model Suite – A first available daily suite of fundamental and statistical risk models

  • 2005: VSTOXX is introduced as the first index to track volatility in the eurozone

  • 2001: STOXX launches its first sustainability indices

  • 2000: STOXX is the first index provider to implement free-float market capitalization in all of its indices
  • 2000: Axioma Optimizer Launch. Industry Leading Optimization API and User Interface. Tax aware capabilities launched

  • 1998: The first STOXX indices are launched
  • 1998: Axioma founded

  • 1997: STOXX Ltd. is founded

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