Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


Responsible Investor Webinar: Taking temperature for 2021: Investment solutions for challenging climate change

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February 10, 2021

5:00 p.m. (CET) | 11:00 a.m. (EST)

Despite the pandemic, climate change remains on top of the investors’ agenda. The globe is heating up, stakeholders’ initiatives keep unfolding, regulators are stepping up.

This webinar will focus on how investors can handle – and build on – this momentum to enhance their strategies and further help combat climate change in 2021. We will take a deep dive into how climate indices – with methodology developments in Physical Risk, Scenario and Scope 3 – enable investors to meet their return objectives whilst facilitating the shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Specific topics will include:

  • 2021 outlook on legislative and investor initiatives
  • Why climate tilted indices work
  • Study results – comparing the risk/ return profile between standard vs. climate benchmarks


Rodolphe Bocquet
Global Head of Sustainable Investment
Melissa R. Brown
Managing Director, Applied Research
Viola Lutz
Deputy Head of Climate Solutions
Laurent Deborde
Head of Equity Portfolio Management and Fund Selection
Groupe Caisse des Dépôts


Daniel Brooksbank
Head of Strategic Content
Responsible Investor