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September 22, 2022

Ziegfeld Ballroom, New York

September 22, 2022

The evolution of technology and the increased use of block chain is changing the way data is collected and stored. The influx in quality of standardized data is enabling advisors to deliver a wider array of more accurate ESG investment models to help investors better understand the impact of their investment decisions. Impact of more data and push-button technology enable investors to cross compare their choices in real time and update allocations within minutes.

  • Without the ability to find, analyse and disclose ESG performance data in a timely manner, are ESG efforts turning into marketing exercises that sometimes lack solid grounding and lead to greenwashing?
  • How can financial institutions ensure that AI will be deployed in a way that will drive improved or fairer outcomes for society and the environment?
  • The Future of ESG Investing – Will data will continue to improve real-time analysis on the ESG rating of a portfolio, enabling investors to make more informed decisions?
  • What are the benefits of Direct Indexing? Will investors will have increased access to and choice over the funds that support the causes and values important to them?
  • How can investors achieve optimal diversification of ESG funds across assets and secure the best possible risk/return of their overall portfolios?

  • Saumya Mehrotra
    Associate Principal, Sustainable Investment