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Industry Conferences

University of Sussex, UK – Climate Finance 2021

Challenges and lessons for the future

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November 15, 2021

16:15 p.m. (GMT) | 11:15 a.m. (ET)


Climate finance has been at the forefront of current discussions in academic and practitioners’ fora for a while. The COVID-19 pandemic sharpened the focus and pushed for swifter responses from academia, financial institutions and regulators.

Following the success of its workshop on Climate Finance and Economics, the University of Sussex Business School joins forces with the University of Nottingham to co-organise a two-day online conference on climate finance that explores the key developments within the financial and capital markets industry. The conference features keynote speeches, presentations and panel discussions, with some of the top players in the industry and policy-making, discussing what the key market trends, new products and emerging technologies and the challenges for regulators, investors, companies and governments. During the Q&A and the discussion that will follow each talk, attendees will have the chance to debate how climate finance can have a positive impact on sustainability and the environment.

This conference aims to tackle crucial questions by bringing together experts from across the climate finance world, including investment banks and regulators. The event will be open to everyone interested in the rapid developments in climate finance. The conference will provide participants with unique insights into the current processes in leading institutions, strategic considerations, product development and regulatory challenges that will be central in governing climate finance over the next decade.

Anna Georgieva, Qontigo’s Associate Principal, Sustainable Investment, Qontigo, Sustainable Investment, will be talking in the industry panel together with Lisa Cycon from Commerzbank and Graham Smith of KPMG.


Anna Georgieva
Associate Principal, Sustainable Investment