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An eye on four emerging markets at once The changing face of the global economy is leading to increasing economic integration, bringing with it a more distinct division of labor between industrialized nations and emerging markets. This in turn is leading to the rise of these emerging markets, in particular the four largest – Brazil, Russia, India, and China (collectively referred to as BRIC).In a study, Goldman Sachs actually expects these BRIC countries to have overtaken the G6 states (US, Japan, Germany, the UK, France and Italy) in economic terms by 2039. Each of the four BRIC countries plays a specific role: Brazil has been dubbed the granary of the world and is known for its rich stock of natural resources, Russia is known as a repository of oil and gas, India a think-tank for high quality services, and China a global production facility.The high growth momentum, wealth of natural resources, dynamic demographic development, and low labor and production costs add to these countries’ appeal. The DAXglobal® BRIC Index comprises the top 40 companies from Brazil, Russia, India and China which are the largest in terms of market capitalization and highly liquid in terms of turnover. Each country is represented by ten companies. As the underlying for financial products, this index enables participation in the growth prospects of BRIC countries while also offering liquid access to the potential of these equity markets which as yet display low capitalization.

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