Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


DAXplus® Maximum Sharpe Ratio Germany (TR) USD


The investment concept from the Nobel Prize winner DAXplus® Maximum Sharpe Ratio Indices are based on Harry M. Markowitz's Nobel Prize-winning principles of portfolio theory and offer investors an optimum risk-adjusted investment opportunity.  Traditional indices track a basket of companies that are weighted according to their (free float) market capitalization. From a portfolio theory perspective, however, these indices are not optimum as they do not lie on Markowitz’s efficiency line: by weighting the companies in the index differently, better performance can be achieved with the same level of risk. The best portfolio in terms of risk is one that maximizes the risk-adjusted performance, which is also known as the Sharpe Ratio. DAXplus® Maximum Sharpe Ratio Indices chart these optimized portfolios and readjust them on a regular basis. The DAXplus® Maximum Sharpe Ratio Germany is the first index to enable investors to benefit directly and systematically from the principles of portfolio theory.  Deutsche Börse thus offers the world’s first strictly rule-based, transparent and easily replicable index innovation that tracks passive risk/return-optimized investment strategies in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

Index Guides, Benchmark statement, and other reports are available under the "Data & Methodology" tab.


Last Value
1,067.9 +3.88 (+0.36%)
As of 06:00 pm CET
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52 Week Low
898.7327 Sep 2022
52 Week High
1413.4418 Nov 2021
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