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Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


DAXglobal® Asia Technology & Telecommunication (TR) USD


Investment access to emerging Asian marketsThe economic and social momentum in Asia seems to be increasing at an unbridled pace at the moment. Many Asian countries are on the way to becoming industrialized nations. The speed and dynamics of this catch-up process are impressive. Asian economies are among the growth drivers of the global economy. Many investment experts thus rank Asia as an attractive growth region; it is not considered overvalued despite the high growth rates.Deutsche Börse has opened up this attractive region to investors with the DAXglobal® Asia Index. With its clear focus on Asian markets, broad diversification and new weighting methods according to the economic standing of each country, the DAXglobal® Asia Index has a better risk-return profile than similar indices. DAXglobal® Asia contains the 40 largest stocks from the up-and-coming Asian continent. Each country is represented according to its economic performance, i.e. GDP determines the number of stocks included from each country. The constituents from India are represented via ADRs (American Depository Receipts); China is represented via “red chips” and H-shares, and South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines are represented by stocks on their respective domestic stock exchanges.The DAXglobal® Asia Index provides an indicator which reflects the most impressive growth rates of these countries and also shows their increasing integration into the world economy.

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503.27 +13.96 (+3.19%)
As of 10:15 pm CET
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421.1828 Oct 2022
52 Week High
759.3722 Nov 2021
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