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Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


DAXplus® Minimum Variance Germany (TR) GBP


Better performance at minimum riskThe DAXplus ® Minimum Variance indices are the world’s first tradable indices with a strategy based on the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory.The aim of the strategy is to develop a risk-optimized portfolio that involves weighting in such a way as to minimize risk (variance). The DAXplus ® Minimum Variance indices track a DAX ®-based minimal variance portfolio. On a quarterly basis, the indices invest in a portfolio of DAX stocks that has the lowest risk (variance).The DAXplus ® Minimum Variance index family is offered for Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and the US, and is calculated in EUR, USD and GBP.The DAXplus® Minimum Variance indices chart a maximum of 30 DAX® stocks, whose weightings are mainly based on variance and their correlation to each other. There is also a 10% cap on individual stocks. Stocks whose variance analysis (estimation period) produces a weighting of 0 percent are not included in the DAXplus Minimum Variance indices.The DAXplus ® Minimum Variance indices provide an ideal underlying for structured products and ETFs, and is particularly suitable for investors pursuing a risk-optimized strategy compared to the overall market.

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988.21 -0.68 (-0.07%)
As of 01:06 pm CET
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950.9513 Oct 2022
52 Week High
1209.1718 Nov 2021
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