Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


ShortMDAX (Price) EUR


Reaping the benefits of falling MDAX® pricesWith the development of ShortMDAX®, Deutsche Börse Group offers investors an index that allows them to participate directly in falling share prices. The performance of ShortMDAX® is inversely proportional to that of the MDAX®. The index is set up in a completely transparent and simple way. ShortMDAX® mirrors the movements of the MDAX® index in the opposite direction, i.e. when  MDAX® rises by five percent, the ShortMDAX® index falls by five percent, and vice versa. In addition to inverse MDAX® share price performance, the index also contains interest payments resulting from the investment strategy in twice the amount of the overnight rate. Interest accrues in the same amount for the investment volume as well as for the funds received from short-selling. ShortMDAX® is therefore an attractive investment not only in falling but also in sideways markets and periods where market trends are unclear. With short indices, investors who expect negative performance from certain markets or regions have strategic index products which allow them to transfer a downtrend into a profitable investment strategy. All leveraged ShortMDAX® Indices have a proMtive mechanism to prevent a total loss. If an index loses more than a defined percentage between two rebalancing dates, the leverage effect will be adjusted ad-hoc and the calculation continued based on the MDAX® level prior to that point in time. The ShortMDAX® Indices provide investors with a simple method of participating to a proportionately greater extent in market movements.

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Dissemination Period
17:55-17:55 CET
Last Value
1,900.85 -19.61 (-1.02%)
As of 05:55 pm CET
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52 Week Low
1662.61992 Feb 2023
52 Week High
2300.1329 Sep 2022
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