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STOXX® Global 1800

A broad yet liquid representation of the world’s developed markets

The STOXX Global 1800 Index consists of the 600 largest and most liquid companies in each of the developed Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific regions, currently stemming from 18 countries.

Key benefits

Efficient representation

Gain objective and transparent exposure to a liquid of the world’s developed markets

Country and sectors

Obtain similar country and industry allocation to underlying markets, resulting in a diversified profile

Currency options

Choose from price, net and gross return basis and four currencies


Adopt responsible strategies with the STOXX® Global 1800 ESG-X and with versions of the benchmark that follow the EU Climate Benchmark requirements

Granular industry focus

Employ derived sub-indices representing 11 industries and 20 supersectors

Index Performance

STOXX Global 1800

Updated upon page load and reflects the latest available data with a 15 minute delay.

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