ROOF Highlights — January 24, 2022

Qontigo ROOF™ Score Highlights: Week of January 24, 2022 (special edition)

Guess Who’s Coming to Our Dystopian Dinner?

Investor sentiment is at new lows,
Plunged in a state of self-inflicted melancholy.
Induced by old foes with visitation rights,
Converging on markets after a long absence.

“Hyper Inflation, what a surprise,
Haven’t seen you since the eighties.
And you brought Higher Rates with you,
How nice.

Look who just walked in, Cold War,
You haven’t changed a bit.
Who’s this I hear climbing up the stairs?
Oil Price, oh my, how you’ve grown.

Leave room for Slow Growth, he’s coming,
Had to pick-up Credit Risk on his way.
And Rating Downgrade just called, 
She’ll be late, as usual.

Trade War, is that you?
I thought you were out with Import Tariff.
Do try and behave this time around,
Global Trade is still upset with you.

It wouldn’t be a party without Divided Government,
She’ll be here soon I hear, relocating for two years.
Thinking of bringing Civil Unrest with her,
along with Racial Tensions and Wattsnot.

And who might you be? Don’t think we’ve met.
Climate Change? I’ve heard of you.
Who is your plus one this year,
Torrential Rain, or Heat Wave?

Now that you are all here,
And made yourselves at home inside my head,
I’ve lost all risk appetite,
And I’m going back to bed.”

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