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Case Studies

Scaling to Build New Strategies

Client Type:

Asset Manager


USD 70 billion

The Need

An established fundamental asset manager – part of one of the largest financial groups in Finland – was looking to expand into quantitative strategies in an efficient way.

The Challenge

Our client started building out their own optimizer, risk models and performance attribution solution several years ago. However, it quickly became apparent to the small team that having to implement new strategies and maintain their own stack of existing products was not a sustainable solution with cost crawling upwards as they looked to scale.

The Solution

Axioma Portfolio AnalyticsTM with Axioma Risk Model MachineTM enabled the team to not only rely on an off-the-shelf risk model but to build their own custom risk models. That made it possible for the client to implement their equity strategies, address alpha alignment challenges as well as to perform equity research – all with far less overhead and with a significant amount of enhanced efficiency.

The Qontigo Advantage

Highly scalable

Cloud-based and API plug-ins allow risk analytics and portfolio construction tools to integrate easily and efficiently


Ability to overlay proprietary IP onto Axioma Risk Models results in risk models aligned with your investment process

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