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Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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A total of 11 currency pairs are being added to the FX suite, increasing the possibilities for investors.
Short-term US Treasury bill yields drop over debt ceiling deal hopes; Returning risk appetites boost the dollar as investors move on from inflation concerns; Opposing share prices and FX rates reduce portfolio risk.
Treasury yields fall despite call for higher rates; Dollar weakens as stocks hit record high; As equity volatility continues to fall, interaction with FX rates intensifies.
Treasury curve continues to steepen, as Fed ups economic outlook; US yields outstrip Bunds amid widening growth forecasts; Portfolio risk declines, as equities and FX rates decouple once more.
Gilt curve un-inverts over recession concerns; BoJ intervention threat props up the yen; Non-USD government bonds benefit from lower cross-asset correlations.
US downgrade propels Treasury yields to 10-month highs; The Bank of England raises rates…and the pound drops; Portfolio risk rebounds amid share-price and exchange-rate losses.
Hawkish Fed boosts short Treasury yields; The Bank of England raises rates…and the pound drops (again); Recovering stock markets and currencies reduce portfolio risk
Rising euro inflation expectations lift short Bund yields; Dollar declines as inflation eases; Lower equity volatility further reduces portfolio risk.
Fed recession warning weighs on bond yields; Dollar stalls over lower interest-rate and economic growth expectations; Lower equity volatility partly reverses spike in portfolio risk.
Traders discount another rate hike and Treasuries rally; Euro strengthens as ECB hints at positive rates; Portfolio risk falls as share prices rise.
Despite ongoing central-bank claims that the current spike in inflation is “transitory,” the recent surge in oil prices to 7-year highs, combined with ongoing supply shortages across many industries, suggests otherwise.
Stocks and bonds continue to rise, as weaker job growth eases fears of overheating economy; Credit spreads unmoved by Fed announcement; Portfolio risk falls, but diversification remains limited.
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