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In this paper, we take a look at how minimum variance performed vis-à-vis its core market counterpart during nine recent geopolitical risk events. The nature of these events is that they tend to push correlations towards 1.0. This may pose a problem for minimum-variance portfolios, as they are constructed by leveraging the covariance matrix in order to build portfolios with strong systematic hedge.
Minimum variance strategies have gained significant traction especially since the global financial crisis. They aim at reducing or minimizing variance, i.e. the square of volatility as measured by standard deviation, or, in this case, price fluctuations of portfolio prices around their mean.
Global index rises 4.5% in month amid ongoing expectations for a post-pandemic economic recovery. Gains are led by US and European markets, and by Momentum stocks, which came back in favor after a lackluster first quarter.
STOXX Global 1800 Index advances 3.3% in month amid ongoing expectations for a post-pandemic economic recovery. Investors continue their switch into Value stocks, and away from the Momentum style.
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