Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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The STOXX Global 1800 index fell 2.8% last month, ending 9.2% below its 2023 high in July. The STOXX World AC dropped 3%. Losses were widespread, with emerging markets and the Size factor leading the retreat.
The STOXX Global Lithium and Battery Producers index inaugurates an innovative dual identification process to selecting stocks, involving revenue and patents. As a key component in batteries, lithium is essential to the clean energy transition and the rollout of consumer electronics.
The derivatives exchange with the broadest index offering globally and the leading European index provider have produced some of the most popular and creative index futures and options since both started operations 25 years ago. We catch up with Eurex’s CEO and STOXX’s General Manager to find out what’s next for this successful partnership.
The STOXX Global 1800 index fell 4.3% last month and the STOXX World AC lost 4%. Projections from the Federal Reserve indicate the central bank may hike rates further this year and cut them by less than previously expected in 2024.
STOXX Ltd. has announced the licensing of the DAX Index (JPY Hedged) to Norinchukin Zenkyoren Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NZAM) in Japan. The index is used as an underlying for an ETF which will be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is the 2nd DAX ETF on the Japanese market.
The real estate sector has a variety of activities that align with the different UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This holds true both for (affordable) housing, as well as for other types of real estate, such as hospitals and the provision of laboratory space and schools.
The market for funds of private assets has grown enormously over the last decade, with 2021 and 2022 being exceptional years. Things have cooled off a bit in the first half of 2023, but the long-term outlook is for private investments to play an increasingly important role for asset owners and asset managers. Large shifts are also underway in the debt markets, where private credit is rivaling banks as a source of funding.
Weaker-than-expected economic data depress short Treasury yields; Persistent price pressures prop up the euro; Positive cross-asset correlations squeeze portfolio diversification.
The STOXX Global 1800 index fell 2.4% last month and the STOXX World AC lost 2.7% amid expectations that US interest rates may stay high to combat inflation. European, Asian, and Chinese shares in particular, led the pullback following weaker economic data.
As the sustainability landscape continues to grow and change, there is a pressing need for evolving data that helps investors to better understand the sustainability outcomes associated with their investments. The SDI AOP has set out to address this, with continuously growing datasets updated quarterly, to assess companies’ contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. James Leaton, Research Director of the SDI AOP, discusses the latest platform developments led by its asset-owner led community.
The STOXX Global 1800 index advanced 3.3% last month and the STOXX World AC rose 3.7% amid reports that showed US inflation continues to drop while the economy may avoid a recession. Value and banks’ shares were among the best performers.
Surprise drop in US inflation crushes the dollar; Credit spreads continue to tighten as US stocks post 15-month high; Cross-asset class gains boost portfolio risk.
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