Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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The cost of implementing factor strategies appears at only a fraction of the premia they generate, suggesting they can take significant inflows before reaching full capacity.
The current concentration of US equity index weights in a few large-cap, technology winners, is unprecedented. One result is that equal-weighted indices are underperforming by the most since the 1990s. But an analysis is also warranted as to why investors continue to favor high-growth, expensive stocks.
Technological advancements are at the core of many disruptive economic trends harnessed by the STOXX Thematic indices. We look at seven of the strategies — from automation to electric vehicles and smart city infrastructure — designed to track the companies shaping our digital future.
This year’s market volatility and macro shocks have raised a challenge to the thematic investing boom, but also offer a chance to reappraise the benefits of the investment approach. Overall, the funds continue to attract net inflows as investors seek alternatives to traditional sector-based portfolios in their search for long-term outperformance.
The new fund tracks the STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index, one of the latest additions to the STOXX Thematic indices suite and to a growing partnership in innovative thematic solutions between Qontigo and BlackRock.
The devil is in the details when it comes to performance attribution. Here we explain the differences between risk-based vs. Brinson attribution and how using equity risk models can help you understand your drivers of portfolio risk and return.
The war in Ukraine has hit the various business sectors in the equity market in different ways. In contrast, themes such as infrastructure, clean energy transition and cybersecurity have emerged as outperformers. A new whitepaper from Qontigo’s Applied Research team analyzes this divergent performance and what it says about asset-allocation approaches.
We talk to Paul Lacroix, Ossiam’s Head of Structuring, about the switch of index underlying the Ossiam STOXX® Europe 600 Equal Weight NR ETF, and why an equal-weighted ESG strategy can boost both the ESG profile and price returns of a portfolio.
Our comprehensive and flexible STOXX ESG indices range has grown to address investors’ varied sustainability needs and ambitions. Thanks to an open-architecture platform that integrates the best available ESG data, Qontigo’s index-based sustainability solutions provide the transparent and robust index characteristics you need to optimize your portfolio’s impact.
The new STOXX ESG-X Factor Indices offer investors both factor exposure and sustainability screens without giving up performance.
The growing popularity of smart-beta products has fueled the debate around whether their advantages and potential performance can prevail across different market environments. 
Equal-weight index strategies have gained in popularity and capital flows in recent years as a way for investors to diversify risk at the stock level.
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