Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Our analysis shows how an optimized sustainability index can decrease active risk and free up more of the risk budget to be allocated to the desired sustainability metric(s), making the resulting portfolio a suitable replacement for a traditional benchmark.
ISS ESG takes stock of progress this year in new rules on corporate sustainability disclosure, with Europe at the center of action. The data, analytics and solutions provider concludes that regulation change is accelerating, raising reporting requirements for companies and investors alike.
On the surface, constructing a sustainable portfolio or index may seem relatively straightforward. After all, it’s just about excluding and reweighting – or is it?
At the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2023, Antonio Celeste, Director, Sustainable Product Management at Qontigo spoke about sustainability, greenwashing, and biodiversity. Watch the whole interview here:
The Sustainable Development Investments Asset Owner Platform (SDI AOP) and Qontigo, its exclusive distribution partner, have announced the launch of the SDI Dashboard. The new tool allows investors to upload their investment portfolios and analyse them across a range of SDG-related parameters.
The Sustainable Development Investments Asset Owner Platform (SDI AOP) helps investors assess companies’ contributions to sustainability themes using the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The asset owner-led effort provides a robust SDG-alignment framework and data, and is already used worldwide by investors for implementation and tracking of sustainability strategies, and engagement with multiple stakeholders.
SFDR Level 2 standards come into effect in 2023. Antonio Celeste and Saumya Mehrotra from Qontigo’s Sustainability Product Management team look into the concept of ‘Sustainable Investment’ and discuss how to measure and approach such investments.
ESG funds can target very different objectives and their names mean very different things. So, what, in reality, are their overall achievements when it comes to broad sustainability metrics? What active risk are investors taking on to accomplish them? And can optimization help balance sustainability and risk? A new whitepaper from Qontigo examines these matters.
This article aims to provide an update on the responsible-investing characteristics of the iSTOXX APG World Responsible Indices, and reaffirm that the process continues to create indices with substantial improvement in sustainability criteria without straying too much from the parent benchmark.
ESG and climate metrics can be used as signals to generate alpha either on a stand-alone basis or to strengthen traditional style factors, BlackRock’s Andrew Ang explained during the Qontigo Investment Intelligence Summit.
In a recent three-minute interview conducted at the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe, Kaylash Patel speaks about the role external sustainability data plays in the portfolio construction process.
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