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A new whitepaper examines the methodology behind the benchmark of ESG corporate leaders and analyzes its composition following the latest annual review.
In this note, we take a look at the methodology behind the index, explore how its composition has changed over time and assess the impact of the 2020 annual index review.
Results of the annual review of STOXX’s broadest benchmark tracking the highest ESG-scoring companies are out.
The futures, part of the broader ESG derivatives family traded on Eurex, reach records as investors turn to ESG-compliant instruments to manage portfolios.
Study explores the liquidity and tradability differences between the ESG index and the flagship EURO STOXX 50 benchmark, and their impact on returns.
When a large Scandinavian asset manager extended its responsible principles to all investment instruments, it left its trading arm with no listed derivatives to manage flows and risk in equity portfolios. We worked with the client to develop indices that meet standard sustainable criteria, and launched in a relatively short time pioneering ESG-screened derivatives on these benchmarks on Eurex.
From a base of standard exclusions, ESG integration is an enhanced stage that improves the sustainable profile of portfolios and often helps returns too.
A wide menu of ESG indices is designed to accompany investors in every step of the transition to different types of sustainable portfolios.
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