Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Analytics-enhanced indices

Enhanced by advanced optimization and portfolio construction

Investment strategies are only becoming increasingly complex. Investors inevitably face tradeoffs balancing numerous objectives that not only include traditional risk-return considerations, but also sustainability criteria.

To help our clients meet their multiple investment objectives, we combine leading optimization and risk analytics capabilities with innovative index construction to balance these different tradeoffs and build indices that satisfy our clients’ unique needs. And, by taking an open architecture approach to index construction, we can work with a range of best-in-class data from leading providers to ensure the right fit regardless of the investment strategy.

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Use our optimization and portfolio analytics in the index construction process to balance the tradeoff between risk, return and other objectives:

  • Incorporate sustainability objectives related to sustainability performance (typically measured by an ESG score) specific climate profile and contributions to the SDGs: For example, maximize sustainability exposures for a given level of tracking error or minimize tracking error while obtaining the highest possible ESG score.
  • Obtain desired factor exposures: For example, tilt to one or more factor exposures to enhance returns over time while minimizing tracking error, turnover, and other deviations from the broad market.

Overview of the Qontigo index construction process: Bringing analytics and index methodology together

Get high touch client support from our in-house research and index specialists from start to finish.

Proprietary optimization: Transparency and control

Portfolio optimization is not a black box, but one where you have control over the inputs. Used for index construction as well as research and decision support, we offer clients high-touch service from our in-house optimization, research and index experts from start to finish.

Full-time specialists holding Optimization PhDs

Years of indexing experience

Patents on the market-leading Axioma Portfolio Optimizer

Our range of analytics-enhanced indices

STOXX and DAX ESG Target Indices

Designed to maximize a portfolio’s ESG profile while getting as close to the benchmark returns as possible.

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STOXX Factor Indices

Target intuitionally tested factors – derived from the Axioma Factor Risk Models – across various geographies.

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STOXX ESG Factor Indices

Target similar levels of factor exposures as the STOXX Factor Indices with additional ESG screens.

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