Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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EURO STOXX® Multi Premia® and Single Premium Indices

Equity risk premia with an academic foundation

The Single Premium Indices draw upon a liquid universe of Eurozone equities — the EURO STOXX® Index — and each capture one of seven proven risk premia: value, size, momentum, residual momentum, reversal, low risk, and quality. The EURO STOXX Multi Premia Index targets all seven styles in one efficient strategy.

All Multi Premia Indices

EURO STOXX Value Premium

EURO STOXX Momentum Premium

EURO STOXX Size Premium

EURO STOXX Reversal Premium

EURO STOXX Quality Premium

EURO STOXX Low Risk Premium

EURO STOXX Residual Momentum Premium

EURO STOXX Multi Premia

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Key benefits

Advanced academic foundation

Benefit from the research-based premia methodology developed by Finreon, a spin-off from the University of St. Gallen

Diversified and powerful

Exploit the low correlation of the various equity risk premia and the power of diversification with the EURO STOXX Multi Premia Index

Proven prowess

Adopt well-researched drivers that have resulted in market-beating returns in recent years for all single risk premia

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