Press Releases — November 28, 2019

STOXX Innovates Index Business By Launching Fund Managers Index

Zug Nov. 28, 2019 – Qontigo’s global index provider STOXX Ltd. has launched the iSTOXX Top Citywire Fund Managers Index. The index has been licensed to Credit Suisse as an underlying for both delta one and structured products. 

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This customized index does not use data from trading venues. For the first time, STOXX, in partnership with Credit Suisse, has created an index which uses an external data set provided by Citywire.  

“This initiative aims to help investors navigate the wide expanse of available mutual funds, fund managers and asset classes in the market. Investors will also benefit from a dynamic universe of top-rated managers and a multi-asset investment approach,” said Florent Breemeersch from Credit Suisse. 

“With this index we have launched quite an innovation: this is not only a first at STOXX, we are also at the forefront of systematic solutions. It proves our ability to develop index concepts beyond the traditional trading-related indices. We believe that all kinds of other use cases are possible if a high-quality data set is available. Our unique open architecture and strong operational teams enable us to take on sophisticated projects to serve the investment community,” said Roberto Lazzarotto, Senior Managing Director at Qontigo.  

The index replicates the performance of a portfolio that invests in mutual funds run by fund managers who have shown better historical risk-adjusted performance compared to their peers and are rated high by Citywire. For each of the following four asset class segments, one fund is selected: Global Equity, Global High Yield, Global Fixed Income, Global Mixed Allocation. The index uses figures from the Citywire fund manager universe.  

STOXX will be launching a series of indices together with Credit Suisse based on this dataset.