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Case Studies

Uncovering Unique Risk with Custom Risk Models

Client Type:

Asset Manager


USD 200 billion

The Need

An advanced portfolio risk management system to handle their growing business that could also be tailored to the company’s specific investment objectives.

The Challenge

The enterprise portfolio risk management system had to be able to handle all different types of assets as the asset manager specializes in multi-asset class portfolios.

The Solution

While we offer off-the-shelf risk models covering a global coverage universe, we also have custom risk models through Axioma Risk Model MachineTM. By allowing the client to overlay their specific investment strategy on top our existing models, they were able to see the true unique risks resulting from their strategy and in turn, construct more efficient portfolios.

Plugged into our sophisticated cross-asset enterprise portfolio risk management platform, the client was able to decompose their risks and see what was driving portfolio returns. And, with our easily scalable cloud solutions, we were able to support as they pursued their ambitious growth plans.

The Qontigo Advantage


Built-in the cloud with seamless integration, our tools can easily be scaled up or down

Flexibility and customization

The ability to deploy tailored solutions means you get a more accurate read on performance and risk

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