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Case Studies

Using APIs to Minimize Workflow Disruption

Client Type:

Asset Owner


USD 120 billion

The Need

Already on the client’s shelf was an existing third-party optimizer; however, it lacked true optimization functionality, was not maintained, not invested in and was generally poorly supported. Managing in excess of USD 120 billion of internally managed pension assets, they needed a true optimization engine with better functionality than the one they had, and one that could integrate into their current processes.

The Challenge

Our client already had an existing workflow and front end. Apart from the optimization engine they were not interested in overhauling their existing infrastructure and process. The solution they needed was one that would not only allow them to automate processes and manage portfolios more efficiently, but also one that would need to be integrated with as little disruption to their existing set up as possible.

The Solution

The Axioma Portfolio OptimizerTM is not only a market-leading optimizer, but it is also API-enabled. This meant that the optimizer could be seamlessly integrated using the APIs to underpin their own workflows. They could use our GUIs to design their workspaces and to troubleshoot but with the plug-and-play technology, they could keep their own workflow consistent with minimal effort on their end.

And, with the new optimizer in place, they also realized that more efficiencies could be gained by using Axioma Equity Factor Risk Models for further data and content process integration for portfolio construction and research. Our optimizer is flexible, with the ability to ingest Qontigo content, but also data from other third parties. 

The Qontigo Advantage

Leading optimization

Our optimization engine has virtually limitless objectives and constraints to solve even the most complex problems

External manager footprint

Many asset managers use our tools making it easier for disparate systems to align

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