Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Blog Posts — July 6, 2022

Video: A conversation with RepRisk & Qontigo

Earlier this year, Qontigo announced a new addition to its growing sustainability partner ecosystem – ESG risk data leader, RepRisk. This new partnership provides clients access to RepRisk ESG risk data via Axioma portfolio analytics and risk models.

Courtney Scharff, Qontigo’s Global Head of Strategic Partnerships recently spoke with RepRisk’s CEO, Dr. Philipp Aeby to discuss the partnership. The conversation touched on how RepRisk differentiates its ESG data offerings through full transparency, the challenges of creating ESG data and how asset managers should think about ESG.

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How RepRisk drives positive change through the power of data

Philipp and Courtney discuss how Qontigo’s industry-leading analytical expertise combined with RepRisk’s comprehensive ESG dataset makes for a robust quantitative tool; how RepRisk enhances Qontigo’s open architecture platform with their razor-sharp focus on risk, an outside-in perspective, language coverage, and combination of machine learning and human intelligence; and why transparency around ESG risks, business conduct, and methodologies empowers not only RepRisk’s mission to drive positive change, but also the ability to make sound ESG due diligence and business conduct decisions.

Understanding the value proposition of ESG

Philipp and Courtney discuss the current state of ESG: is it relevant? Is it mission critical? And if so, what is the mission? The key lies in market practitioners understanding not only the use cases of ESG, but the inherent benefits and value-adds of those uses.

Challenges of creating ESG data  

Once use case and purpose are clear, the question remains: what challenges stand in the way? Courtney and Philipp discuss timeliness, methodology, coverage, and data history as indicators of a high-quality dataset.

Focus on data transparency

In this section, Philipp and Courtney discuss RepRisk’s decision to make their data methodology public – and why Philipp believes other companies should follow suit. Further, Philipp and Courtney discuss ESG beyond the minimum, motivating factors for ESG due diligence, and whether companies and financial market practitioners should do more than just comply with mandatory regulatory frameworks.

To learn more about RepRisk, please visit their website.

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