Blog Posts — July 20, 2021

Video: Axioma Equity Linked Factor Risk Model

The best risk model is the one most closely aligned to your strategy

That’s why Qontigo offers you a range of Equity Factor Risk Models connected as a single linked risk model. Combining US, Developed Markets ex-US, and Emerging Market models our Linked Model leverages a state-of-the-art modeling technique and provides answers to common questions faced by investors and risk managers such as:

  • How do I capture local factor diversification with a global model without losing the aggregated view of global allocation of my fund?
  • How can I – someone in firm-wide risk management – arrive at the same risk numbers as my portfolio manager?
  • How do I achieve factor granularity at the regional level across my entire global portfolio?
  • How do I gain a better understanding of whether or not my risk estimates are reliable for my regional bets?

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