Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Press Releases — September 5, 2018

Wirecard AG to be included in DAX – new composition for TecDAX, MDAX and SDAX

Frankfurt (Sep. 05, 2018) – On Wednesday, Deutsche Börse announced changes to its equity indices, which will become effective as of 24 September 2018. The shares of Wirecard AG will be included in the DAX index, and will replace the shares of Commerzbank AG, which will move to MDAX.

This scheduled review of the selection indices of Deutsche Börse marks the first application of the new rules, which were announced on 18 May following a market consultation.

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The separation of the Tech and Classic segments was eliminated in this context. DAX companies that are assigned to technology sectors can now also be included in the TecDAX index, and TecDAX constituents can be listed in MDAX or SDAX.

Moreover, MDAX was enlarged to 60 constituents and SDAX to 70. TecDAX continues to consist of 30 constituents.

As of 31 August, the new Guide to the Equity Indices of Deutsche Börse AG applies. It lays out the new rules in detail.

Going forward, TecDAX will continue to include 30 constituents, which have a focus on technology. Three companies are new in TecDAX, three will be deleted. MDAX will include the 60 companies below DAX that are the largest and have the highest order book turnover. 15 companies will be newly included in MDAX, five will be deleted.

SDAX will include the 70 largest and most-traded companies below MDAX. 24 companies will be newly included in SDAX, four will be deleted.

Please find all changes as well as the complete composition of TecDAX, MDAX and SDAX in the All Index Update section.

The shadow indices that have been calculated for information purposes since mid-June will be discontinued as of 21 September, close of trading.

The next scheduled review of the equity indices of Deutsche Börse AG will take place on 5 December 2018.