Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Case Studies

Working Together to Develop a Consistent View of Risk

Client Type:

UK-based Global Asset Manager


USD 1+ trillion

The Need

As a global asset manager, focused on Liability-Driven Investments, the client needed a way to normalize the daily operational oversight of their risk management process across Asia, Europe, and the US. Further, they required daily operational oversight of their entire end-to-end workflow.

The Challenge

Our client was struggling with a decentralized risk management function comprised of many different teams. These teams were working off different reporting tools which resulted in disparate risk numbers and an unreliable and inconsistent view of risk for the firm.

The Solution

With virtually limitless objectives and constraints, the Axioma Portfolio OptimizerTM is flexible and sophisticatedbeing able to model even the most complex of strategies. Non-convex optimizations were handled with ease while backtests can be both customized and automated through the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer API interfaces. With this plug-and-play technology, the switch to Axioma Portfolio Optimizer was an easy and cost-efficient solution.

Our cloud-based enterprise technology platform integrates with existing client systems to provide timeliness and data consistency. With our automated technology approach to a managed services operational workflow oversight and reconciliation, we were able to meet the client’s objectives of receiving daily feed monitoring globally as well as monitoring input data quality and output analytics quality – all in one, robust risk platform.


The Qontigo Advantage

Highly scalable

Not only cloud-hosted, but Axioma RiskTM was built to be cloud-native

API ready

Efficient implementation from both a time and effort perspective

Implementation support

High touch customer service before, during and after sales

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