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Bringing Institutional Quality Investment Solutions to Model Portfolio Management and Individual Client Portfolios

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December 6, 2023

As a wealth manager or RIA, you need to ensure your client portfolios reflect the best investment ideas while adhering to individual client requirements and customization needs. Historically, tools have not existed that allow for this to be accomplished consistently at scale. What if there was a solution that could solve these challenges across your entire workflow – a single place for sophisticated factor risk analytics, portfolio management and rebalancing, in a crisp, intuitive interface with workflows designed for your use case?

In this webinar hosted with our partner Jacobi, we will demonstrate the practical ways in which you can use technology to:

  • Monitor and manage your suite of model portfolios to ensure investment guidelines and risk tolerances are aligned with desired outcomes and customization needs
  • Interact with a proposal generation tool integrated with CIO/Home Office analytics needs as well as advisor workflows
  • Better communicate investment objectives and the key drivers of risk and return with intuitive but sophisticated risk analytics
  • Manage the tax impact of individual client portfolios while tracking target model portfolios
  • Utilize extensive data visualization and reporting features to better tell your investment story

The webinar will be followed by a short Q&A.

Chris Canova
Senior Managing Director, Customer Experience

Tony Mackenzie
Co Founder & CEO