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Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Feb 5-8, 2023

Join the sharpest and most creative minds in finance to expand your knowledge today and prepare for tomorrow. Together, we’ll share ideas, learn from each other, and build this industry into a community.

Come and see Qontigo at Cabana #13!

In this webinar, expert speakers will explore the status of SDG investing globally, as well as the drivers of this trend. Also up for discussion are the challenges around measurement and reporting, and how the SDI Asset Owner Platform (AOP) can mitigate some of these challenges – particularly in view of the changing regulatory environment.

Inflation has come down, but remains high. The magnitude of rate hikes has decreased, but the hikes nonetheless remain. Accompanied by numerous geopolitical events that arose during the year, these events packed quite a punch. While the market saw a sharp recovery in the fourth quarter, volatility remains high. In addition, style returns in the fourth quarter, which were generally in the expected direction, looked very different from those in the third quarter.

This webinar is geared to help portfolio managers, risk managers, asset owners and others understand the risk environment and its impact on portfolio and benchmark performance during the year. We hope you will join us.

Long-term inflation expectations have finally started to revert to their long-term averages, but stock and bond prices markets have still taken another turn for the worse, as traders evaluate the long-term economic costs of tighter monetary conditions. One of the biggest beneficiaries has so far been the US dollar, supported by the widening interest rate differential against its major rivals and by growing economic-growth concerns in Europe.

Join Christoph Schon in this webinar to hear how all this affects the risk of global multi-asset class portfolios.

This webinar is geared to help portfolio managers, risk managers, asset owners and others start to prepare for upcoming year-end portfolio reviews by providing an analysis of the risk environment and its effects that drove portfolio and benchmark performance during the year. We hope you will join us.

In this webinar we will take a look back at how the events of 2022 have shaped markets and defined the risk landscape that investors have had to navigate. We will look forward and project into 2023 what are the key risk events for investors to keep an eye on and how those events can be managed from a risk point of view. We will present insights from multiple sources; volatility, factors, sentiment, and the derivatives market.

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Portfolio Risk Management

Qontigo ROOF™ Score Highlights: Week of February 6, 2023

Investor sentiment ended last week either strongly positive or bullish in all markets we track except Japan and the UK, where investors have remained neutral.


Stocks jump in January; European, value indices lead gains 

The STOXX Global 1800 index rose 7% in dollars and 5.1% in euros last month, amid expectations that inflation worldwide may have peaked and that any recession in key developed economies may be mild.


Monthly Index News: January 2023

Stocks jumped in January as expectations built up that inflation worldwide may have peaked and that any recession in key developed economies may be mild.

Portfolio Risk Management

How the Fed’s Smaller Rate Hike Could Affect Investors

Stocks immediately fell Wednesday afternoon following the Fed’s announcement before quickly rebounding.”No big surprise in today’s announcement, either in the level of rate increase or in the accompanying language,” Melissa Brown, Global Head of Applied Research at financial analytics and index provider Qontigo, said in an emailed statement.

Portfolio Risk Management

Nasdaq books best January since 2001 as U.S. stocks post strong monthly gains ahead of Fed decision

Melissa Brown, Managing Director of Applied Research at Qontigo, said the 25 basis point increase is baked in already, but what the policy makers say about what they will do for the rest of the year is what’s going to be important.

Portfolio Risk Management

Equity Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended January 27, 2023

Earnings reports lift US sectors; Liquid stocks extend gains worldwide; Developed Markets ex-USA fare better year to date

Portfolio Risk Management

Qontigo ROOF™ Score Highlights: Week of January 30, 2023

In the last ten days, investor sentiment has decided to focus on the only positive from this data, that inflation may have peaked and is decidedly on the retreat.

Portfolio Risk Management

Olivier D’Assier on the Markets (Radio)

Olivier D’Assier, APAC Applied Research Head at Qontigo, discusses the latest on the markets. He spoke with hosts Doug Krizner and Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Daybreak Asia.”


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