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Bringing together Axioma, DAX and STOXX to form Qontigo represents a partnership beyond standard, creating an investment intelligence advantage with our clients, from risk to return.


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Portfolio Construction

Multi-Asset Class Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended October 16, 2020

European yields drop, as new infections accelerate; Gilt curve flattens over Brexit and negative rate concerns; Portfolio risk changes little, as less negative correlation offsets lower equity volatility.

Portfolio Construction

WATCH | Stress Testing the US Presidential Election

Olivier d’Assier discusses modeling the possible outcomes of the election and the potential ramifications of the Biden tax plan on Big Tech.

Portfolio Construction

Presidential Election Stress Test Part III: Gauging the impact of a Trump win on your portfolios…

In this post, we focus on the Health Care sector. A Trump/Republican win would likely put Obamacare in jeopardy—and that could have a large impact on the earnings of companies in that sector.

Portfolio Risk Management

Equity Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended October 15, 2020

US market rises slightly, as risk inches up; Relative riskiness of US Small Caps declines; Industry risk slides in China.

Portfolio Risk Management

Qontigo ROOF™ Score Highlights: Week of October 19, 2020

The divergence between our Style and Sector ROOF variants turned into a convergence on the weak side this week as investor’s risk aversion levels surged in the face of rising new infections across major markets hopes for a second fiscal stimulus package in the US before the elections (Nov 3) diminished.

Factor Investing

STOXX Factor Indices Q3 Spotlight – To Constrain or not to Constrain

The third quarter saw a continuation of 2020’s themes for the STOXX® Factor Indices. Signs of renewed life have appeared, however, with Multi-Factor seeing a 0.8% return.

Portfolio Risk Management

The US market can thank its FAANGs even more now — just keep an eye on risk

The US market saw an even stronger concentration in stocks recently, with FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) accounting for 14% of the weight in the STOXX USA 900 on Oct. 9. Add Microsoft to the mix, and the six stocks made up 20% of the US index. Just since July, the aggregate weight of these six stocks increased by one percent in the US index.

Portfolio Risk Management

Multi-Asset Class Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended October 9, 2020

Stimulus or lockdowns? US and European yields diverge accordingly; Dollar falls as risk appetites rise; Portfolio risk falls despite higher equity volatility.


Axioma is the most sophisticated suite of quantitative risk analytics and portfolio-construction tools available.

We partner with clients to create solutions that adapt to their unique needs, powered by best-of-breed APIs and cloud-native technology.


Our STOXX and DAX indices stand for quality, transparency and customization.

We have earned our reputation as the leading provider of European tradable indices thanks to an unsurpassed technology foundation.

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