Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Long-term inflation expectations have finally started to revert to their long-term averages, but stock and bond prices markets have still taken another turn for the worse, as traders evaluate the long-term economic costs of tighter monetary conditions. One of the biggest beneficiaries has so far been the US dollar, supported by the widening interest rate differential against its major rivals and by growing economic-growth concerns in Europe.

Join Christoph Schon in this webinar to hear how all this affects the risk of global multi-asset class portfolios.

This webinar is geared to help portfolio managers, risk managers, asset owners and others start to prepare for upcoming year-end portfolio reviews by providing an analysis of the risk environment and its effects that drove portfolio and benchmark performance during the year. We hope you will join us.

In this webinar we will take a look back at how the events of 2022 have shaped markets and defined the risk landscape that investors have had to navigate. We will look forward and project into 2023 what are the key risk events for investors to keep an eye on and how those events can be managed from a risk point of view. We will present insights from multiple sources; volatility, factors, sentiment, and the derivatives market.

This webinar will address the challenges and opportunities for equity investors from a world moving to net-zero targets, and discuss the design of an index solution based on innovative and transparent transition data.

In this webinar, FlexTrade and Qontigo to learn how the Axioma Equity Factor Risk Model integration framework puts real-time factor analytics at portfolio managers and traders’ fingertips, enabling a streamlined workflow for instantaneous analysis and modeling within the FlexONE OEMS.

This webinar will address the outlook for the strategies amid the volatility we’ve seen in 2022 and explore the reasons why many thematic funds have continued to attract inflows despite the current market conditions.

News & research

Thematic Investing

New STOXX Global Metaverse Index licensed to BlackRock’s iShares for ETF targeting digital-frontier pioneers  

The index follows a unique patents-based stock selection methodology targeting innovators and specialists that are helping create and deploy the Metaverse. With it, Qontigo expands its wide suite of thematic indices harnessing the upside of companies at the vanguard of new technologies.

Index / ETFs

BlackRock launches the iShares Metaverse UCITS ETF

BlackRock has launched a new ETF (exchange traded fund), giving European clients targeted exposure to a wide variety of companies active in developing metaverse technologies. The iShares Metaverse UCITS ETF [MTAV] will track the STOXX Global Metaverse Index.

ESG & Sustainability

Volkswagen, Daimler Truck to join DAX 50 ESG index; Puma, Bayer leave DAX ESG Target

Changes were announced as part of the December regular review of the DAX 50 ESG, DAX ESG Target, DAX ESG Screened and DAX indices.

Portfolio Risk Management

Equity Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended December 2, 2022

Global Developed Markets on track for worst year since GFC; Defensive style factors outperform worldwide; Emerging Markets’ volatility remained below that of Developed Markets for much of 2022.

Index / ETFs

Changes in DAX: Porsche replaces Puma

Qontigo’s global index provider STOXX Ltd. has announced changes to the DAX index family, which will become effective on 19 December 2022.

Portfolio Risk Management

Multi-Asset Class Risk Monitor Highlights | Week Ended December 2, 2022

Dovish Fed comments depress Treasury yields: Lower rates weigh on dollar: Back-to-back monthly equity gains reduce portfolio risk further.


Monthly Index News: November 2022

The STOXX® Global 1800 index rose for a second straight month in November as investors raised expectations that higher interest rates are helping temper inflation.

Thematic Investing

Capitalizing on early lifecycle innovation through thematic investing

Revenue-based thematic indices allow investors to target the companies benefitting from disruptive and structural economic trends. But how can investors access the earlier stages of those trends, and harness the upside of higher growth rates?


Axioma is the most sophisticated suite of quantitative risk analytics and portfolio-construction tools available.

We partner with clients to create solutions that adapt to their unique needs, powered by best-of-breed APIs and cloud-native technology.


Our STOXX and DAX indices stand for quality, transparency and customization.

We have earned our reputation as the leading provider of European tradable indices thanks to an unsurpassed technology foundation.

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