Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Index Solutions

Factor-based indices

A sophisticated set of tools for all smart beta strategies

Bringing together the powerful indexing and analytics capabilities of Qontigo to target well-defined sources of equity risk premia.

Key benefits


Combine leading capabilities in factor analysis and indexing


Resort to factor clarity and strong definitions to efficiently target excess returns


Optimize allocations and control for liquidity to create better, manageable portfolios


Adopt sustainability strategies in keeping with the same factor-based approach


Rely on an entire factor family designed to benchmark portfolios and underlie financial products

Key factor-based indices

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Monthly Index News: May 2023

Global equity indices retreated in May, dragged lower by European and Asian shares. In the US, better-than-expected earnings from technology companies overshadowed concerns about a government default and ongoing interest rate hikes.


Monthly Index News: April 2023

Stocks rose in April following better-than-expected economic and earnings reports, and amid signs that inflation in key regions continues to cool.


Monthly Index News: March 2023

Stocks rose in March, rebounding from losses in the month’s first half, as investors raised expectations the Federal Reserve may soon pause its interest rate hikes following the collapse of three lenders in the US.

Portfolio Risk Management

Opinion: Wall Street always has a story to tell, and the best investors know to expect plot twists

Factor Investing

Building a better private market factor risk model

As part of the recently announced partnership between CEPRES and Qontigo, we are developing a suite of factor risk models that provide broad coverage of the private market space in Axioma Risk.


Monthly Index News: February 2023

US and Asian stocks fell in February, as better-than-expected economic reports in the US signaled the Federal Reserve has room to continue raising interest rates. European shares climbed when measured in euros.

Factor Investing

Qontigo expands STOXX multifactor indices for iShares ETFs by BlackRock

Four new indices have been added to the STOXX Equity Factor suite, which offers diversified multifactor exposure to five equity style risk premia sources. Powered by STOXX’s indexing capabilities and Axioma’s risk models and portfolio optimizer, the indices deliver balanced and well-researched factor exposures, seeking long-term outperformance.


Monthly Index News: January 2023

Stocks jumped in January as expectations built up that inflation worldwide may have peaked and that any recession in key developed economies may be mild.