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Position portfolios for growth, leveraging broad, disruptive and forward-looking trends changing our society

Seismic shifts in climate, demographics and technology — known as megatrends — are transforming politics, economics and consumer behavior. Thematic investing positions portfolios for growth seeking the beneficiaries of these broad and disruptive developments changing our society.

Our thematic indices focus on companies from various industries honing in on a range of structural concepts with long-term economic impact. They attempt to identify current megatrends with future impact using a rules-based, transparent, and systematic approach. The indices can be used as underlyings for ETFs, mutual funds, structured products and exchange-traded derivatives.

Key indices

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STOXX AI Global Artificial Intelligence

STOXX Global Artificial Intelligence

STOXX Global Breakthrough Healthcare

STOXX Global Silver Economy

STOXX Global Video Gaming & eSports

STOXX Global Automation & Robotics

STOXX Global Digitalisation

STOXX Global Digital Security

STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education


STOXX Asia Technology 100

Your benefits

Strong ideas

Capture long-term growth with themes carefully selected to shun short-term fads and avoid illiquid or narrow portfolios

Innovative approaches

Choose between a revenue-based and an artificial intelligence (AI)-based approach to accurately target themes

Open architecture

Benefit from our partnerships with leading data providers such as FactSet and Yewno, which are breaking ground in analytical methods to help accurately identify sources of thematic premia

Diversification opportunity

Diversify your portfolio with geographic allocations and time horizons that differ from those of traditional benchmarks

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