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Index Solutions

Sustainability indices

Our range of flexible index solutions helps clients meet their sustainable and responsible investing goals

When it comes to sustainable investing, one size does not fit all; therefore our index toolbox contains a whole range of categories, each one with its own level of sustainability commitments and goals.

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ESG indices

STOXX and DAX ESG indices help investors incorporate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria into their portfolios. This can be done by using exclusion strategies as well as enhancement strategies.


Climate indices

Our Climate indices are designed to facilitate the shift towards a low-carbon economy and align investments with the Paris Climate Agreement, EU Climate Benchmarks as well as other carbon reduction goals.


Biodiversity indices

Our Biodiversity indices provide a comprehensive framework to help investors address biodiversity challenges. Stock selection is based on biodiversity exclusionary screens, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and carbon emissions targets.


Key benefits

Transparency and simplicity

We provide a clear and easy-to-explain, rules-based framework to incorporate ESG considerations into investment processes

Liquidity and tradability

Liquidity considerations always play a crucial role in the development and composition of indices

Best-in-class data quality

Our strategic open-architecture framework leverages leading third-party data and transforms qualitative objectives into quantifiable results

State-of-the-art index construction

The combination of superior index construction expertise with leading risk model and optimization tools allows for the creation of powerful and creative indices

Ongoing alignment with changing investor preferences

ESG ratings are driven by product focus, and corporate governance and actions, which can change over time; we’ve built in a rapid re-alignment methodology

Key sustainability indices

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New product launches

DZ BANK to issue certificates on new DAX ESG benchmark 

The DAX 30 ESG index is the latest introduction to a family of German ESG benchmarks. It tracks the country’s large-caps with the highest ESG scores determined by ISS ESG.

ESG & Sustainability

STOXX Licenses New ESG Version of the DAX to DZ BANK

STOXX Ltd., part of the ISS STOXX GmbH group of companies and a leading provider of index solutions for institutional investors worldwide, has licensed a new ESG benchmark for the German equity market to DZ BANK. The DAX 30 ESG index expands the options for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing in German equities and, as of today, forms the basis for several discount certificates that are tradable on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

ESG & Sustainability

Expert view: Unpacking the new Xtrackers biodiversity ETFs and their ISS STOXX indices 

As DWS launched the Xtrackers Biodiversity Focus SRI UCITS ETFs, we sat down with experts from Xtrackers, ISS ESG and STOXX to explore what’s driving investor interest in biodiversity strategies and how they can comprehensively integrate natural-world data and considerations into portfolios.


Monthly Index News: January 2024

Stocks extended gains in January, lifting the STOXX® Global 1800 index near an all-time high, as optimism that major central banks will soon start cutting interest rates carried into the new year.

ESG & Sustainability

Q&A with BlackRock’s Moufti: Capturing the upside from essential metals miners

Omar Moufti, Thematics and Sectors Product strategist at BlackRock, says the transition to a low-carbon economy is just one of the forces propelling the copper and lithium industries, and explains why investing in the miners’ stocks may be an attractive long-term proposition for investors.

Listed Derivatives

New STOXX Europe 600 SRI futures on Eurex broaden sustainable derivatives offering for investors

Eurex will launch futures on the STOXX Europe 600 SRI (Socially Responsible Investing), an index with extended exclusions as well as emissions and best-in-class ESG filters. The offering follows the successful adoption of similar contracts on the STOXX EUROPE 600 ESG-X, launched in 2019.


Monthly Index News: December 2023

Stocks extended gains in December, pushing the STOXX® Global 1800 index to a record high, on optimism that the Federal Reserve has managed to bring inflation under control without causing a recession.

Thematic Investing

Infographic: An investor’s guide to copper in 3 charts

Demand for copper is expected to surge by around 54% between 2022 to 2050. Here are three things to know about the copper market’s future.