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Index Solutions

Sustainability indices

Our range of flexible index solutions helps clients meet their sustainable and responsible investing goals

When it comes to sustainable investing, one size does not fit all; therefore our index toolbox contains a whole range of categories, each one with its own level of sustainability commitments and goals. At the core of our index offering lies our open architecture approach. This allows us to integrate best-in-class sustainability data from leading data providers into the index construction process.

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ESG indices

STOXX and DAX ESG indices help investors incorporate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria into their portfolios. This can be done by using exclusion strategies as well as enhancement strategies.


Climate indices

Our Climate indices are designed to facilitate the shift towards a low-carbon economy and align investments with the Paris Climate Agreement, EU Climate Benchmarks as well as other carbon reduction goals.


Biodiversity indices

Our Biodiversity indices provide a comprehensive framework to help investors address biodiversity challenges. Stock selection is based on biodiversity exclusionary screens, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and carbon emissions targets.


Open Architecture
We offer access to curated databases that allow for cutting-edge index creation. This open architecture approach enables us to select and integrate the best-in-class third-party data from leading providers including Sustainalytics, ISS ESG, SDI AOP, and CDP.

Key benefits

Transparency and simplicity

We provide a clear and easy-to-explain, rules-based framework to incorporate ESG considerations into investment processes

Liquidity and tradability

Liquidity considerations always play a crucial role in the development and composition of indices

Best-in-class data quality

Our strategic open-architecture framework leverages leading third-party data and transforms qualitative objectives into quantifiable results

State-of-the-art index construction

The combination of superior index construction expertise with leading risk model and optimization tools allows for the creation of powerful and creative indices

Ongoing alignment with changing investor preferences

ESG ratings are driven by product focus, and corporate governance and actions, which can change over time; we’ve built in a rapid re-alignment methodology

Key sustainability indices

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Related news & research

Qontigo Whitepapers

Tracking Error 101: The Intuition Behind Measurement and Control

Our analysis shows how an optimized sustainability index can decrease active risk and free up more of the risk budget to be allocated to the desired sustainability metric(s), making the resulting portfolio a suitable replacement for a traditional benchmark.

ESG & Sustainability

New Indexes Promise “Comprehensive Framework” on Biodiversity

The ISS STOXX Biodiversity Index Suite, launched this week, aims to take a more holistic approach to biodiversity than existing market offerings, Antonio Celeste, Director for Sustainability Product Management at index, analytics and risk solutions provider Qontigo, told ESG Investor.

ESG & Sustainability

New ISS STOXX indices use comprehensive framework to help investors address biodiversity challenges 

The fight to preserve our nature’s systems is intensifying, presenting both additional risks and opportunities for investors. Qontigo’s ISS STOXX Biodiversity indices offer a multi-step framework to address biodiversity challenges while employing state-of-the-art datasets.

New index launches

ISS ESG and Qontigo Launch ISS STOXX Biodiversity Index Suite

ISS ESG, the sustainable investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), and Qontigo, a leading global provider of innovative index, analytics and risk solutions, today announced the release of the ISS STOXX Biodiversity Index Suite to mark the U.N.’s International Day for Biological Diversity.

ESG & Sustainability

The future of mobility: thematic investing in the clean transport revolution

The goals of the Paris Agreement depend inexorably on the decarbonization of the transport sector and, therefore, on the widespread adoption of electric cars. Investors can join the clean transportation megatrend through targeted thematic strategies.

ESG & Sustainability

Qontigo publishes guide for SFDR-aligned Sustainable Investment methodology

Our Sustainable Investments team has produced a document detailing the methodology for reporting the sustainable investment percentage of STOXX and DAX indices. The rules are aligned with the spirit of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and are designed, among other things, to bring specificity and flexibility when constructing sustainable portfolios.


Monthly Index News: April 2023

Stocks rose in April following better-than-expected economic and earnings reports, and amid signs that inflation in key regions continues to cool.

ESG & Sustainability

Green efficient frontiers: Minimizing the risk impact of exclusions in sustainable portfolios

A new whitepaper from Qontigo’s research team explores the benefits of constructing an exclusions portfolio with an optimizer, which helps limit active risk and frees up capital to allocate towards sustainability or performance objectives.