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Qontigo’s STOXX Benchmark Indices cover global, regional and country markets, offering efficient exposure to each investable universe

With a comprehensive coverage and a constituency methodology based on market value and trading turnover, the STOXX Benchmark Indices provide an accurate representation of the underlying market while upholding applicability. Therefore, they are ideally suited index benchmarks that can serve as underlyings for ETFs, mutual funds, structured products and derivatives.

Key indices

All Benchmark Indices

STOXX Global 1800

STOXX Europe 600


Updated upon page load and reflects the latest available data with a 15 minute delay.

Key benefits


Rely on a proven, objective methodology to track 13­­ broad market regions and 12 countries

Industry standard

Employ methodologies used at length by product issuers, actively managed funds, researchers and the media


Design your own customized indexing products and services derived from benchmarks


Depend on decisions and outcomes based on public information, clear rules and well-publicized changes


Use benchmarks and their rules as starting universe for targeted style, sector and factor strategies

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