Whitepaper - January 2018

Qontigo InsightTM Quarterly Risk Review Q4 2017

If “The Market Climbs a Wall of Worry” What Happens When the Market Stops Worrying?

2017 was a remarkable year, with stocks around the globe extending steep gains, while volatilities plunged to levels at or near historic lows, even in the face of a long list of geopolitical and economic events worldwide. We identified last year’s winners and losers and analyzed the factors driving this large drop in risk worldwide. Finally, we highlighted some positives, negatives and confounding data that may provide insights into the direction and volatility of markets in 2018.


Melissa R. Brown, CFA

Managing Director of Applied Research

Christoph Schon, CFA, CIPM

Senior Principal, Applied Research

Diana R. Baechle, PhD

Director, Applied Research

Olivier d'Assier

Senior Principal, Applied Research - APAC

Natan Borshansky

Manager, Applied Research