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Hedge Funds

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Make quicker and more informed investment decisions while mitigating risk and facilitating operational efficiencies with regulatory filing obligations.

Support for your hedge fund strategy

Our multi-asset class solutions are applicable to hedge fund strategies including, but not limited to:

  • Equity Long-Short
  • Global Macro
  • Fixed Income
  • Merger Arbitrage
  • High Yield
  • Market Neutral
  • Multi-Strategy
  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Quantitative

No minimum AUM hedge fund thresholds

We service all different types and sizes of hedge funds strategies from quantitative to fundamental to quantamental. And for start-ups, we offer an additional range of flexible pricing options that align with the growth of your fund and can work closely with prime services providers.

Solutions for your challenges

Risk model customization

Tilt to built-in factors or construct a fully tailored approach with sophisticated multi-asset models that allow you to combine your unique strategy with our risk model engine.

Relevant solutions: 

Consistent view across assets

Deploy either parametric or full revaluation approaches linked on a single platform so your entire organization is aligned across portfolio construction, analysis and reporting.

Relevant solutions: 

Arbitrage opportunities

Access a comprehensive set of fixed income spread curves data across maturities and credit quality.

Relevant solutions: 

Regulatory reporting

Remove the pain of manual, Excel-based report filing by consolidating data from various back-office sources, risk systems and regulatory calculations.

Relevant solutions: 

Solutions overview

Case studies and insights

Portfolio Risk Management

Building Alternative Strategies with a Flexible Portfolio Risk Management System

A mid-size hedge fund was in search of a more robust and flexible enterprise risk management system to handle their sophisticated alternative strategies with timely and responsive risk analytics interoperable with their existing technology stack

Portfolio Risk Management

Stress testing for alphas

In this paper, we took the stress-testing process one step further and showed how the resulting contributions to expected loss could be used as inputs to construct portfolios for each specific stress scenario. Using the process described, investors can also construct candidate portfolios representing a hedge for each scenario and include the target portfolio in their risk management process during rebalancing.

Portfolio Risk Management

Why Has My Risk Changed?

We can all agree that understanding risk – specifically, the reason why a risk number has changed – is key for sound portfolio management.

Portfolio Risk Management

Using a Parametric Approach to Understand Changes in Risk

Understanding changes in risk estimates can be key, especially in times of crisis when volatilities spike and correlations point in the same direction, eliminating the diversification that was supposed to protect a portfolio.

Portfolio Risk Management

Can You Trust Your Risk Number?

In risk management a lot of focus and attention is (rightly) put on models and methodologies used to compute ex-ante risk measures. And in the context of a multi-asset class universe which is vast by nature, perfect data (market data, terms and conditions provided by the user) and bug-free algorithms are not always possible. Therefore, one of the key challenges for risk managers is to ensure that any risk analytic produced is sound and reliable.

Portfolio Risk Management

Qontigo’s new US Equity Trading Horizon Model: A crisp view of ultra-short-term risk—and longer-term implications

Qontigo’s new Axioma US Equity Factor Risk Model: Trading Horizon (Trading Model) helps managers with shorter investment horizons to better understand and manage their risk. That said, it is not only for traders.

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