Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Hedge Funds

The competitive edge to help you outperform the market

Having to do more with less is something you are all too familiar with. Mounting reporting obligations alongside cost reduction exercises take away from your ability to focus on generating alpha and value for end clients.

At Qontigo, we offer a suite of index and analytical solutions that enable you to make quicker and more informed investment decisions while helping them to mitigate risk and facilitate operational efficiencies with regulatory filing obligations.

We service all different types and sizes of hedge funds and for start-ups, we offer an additional range of flexible pricing options that align with the growth of your fund.

Why Qontigo?

Strategy optimization

Test, implement, hedge, and monitor your strategy with our portfolio and risk analytics regardless of whether you are equity long-short, macro or market neutral

Risk model customization

Tilt to built-in factors or construct a fully tailored approach with sophisticated multi-asset models that allow you to combine your unique strategy with our risk model engine

Consistent view across assets

Deploy either parametric or full revaluation approaches linked on a single platform so your entire organization is aligned across portfolio construction, analysis and reporting

Strategy building

Understand transaction costs and market impact to gain a full picture of market impact

Full picture of market impact

Use Axioma Portfolio Optimizer to select from virtually limitless objectives and constraints and truly understand transaction costs

Workflow consolidation

Automate and connect our best-of breed technology with your chosen execution and order management system thanks to our API and open platform philosophy

Regulatory reporting

Remove the pain of manual, Excel-based report filing by consolidating data from various back office sources, risk systems and regulatory calculations

Case studies and research


At Qontigo, we offer a suite of index and analytics solutions that enable hedge funds to make quicker and more informed investment decisions, mitigate risk, benefit from operational efficiencies and communicate more effectively with investors.

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