Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Analytics Solutions

Custom Risk Models

Tailor risk models to your own investment process

Combining our expertise with your approach

We understand that our clients have many different investment and risk outlooks. That’s why we offer the Axioma Risk Model MachineTM, a solution that allows you to combine your intellectual property with proprietary expertise and know-how to create your own unique customized risk model.

And because you can link models, you can create custom risk models that capture exposures from the regions, without any inconsistencies or skewed reporting.

Both fundamental and quantitative firms can use our tool for:

Portfolio construction

Build portfolios with superior risk-adjusted returns by fully incorporating the risks associated with your proprietary alpha factors

Performance attribution

Create transparent attribution analyses that quantify the ‘pure’ contributions from your proprietary factors

Risk analysis

Generate more accurate risk estimates by including all relevant risk factors with coverage aligned to your mandate

Improved consistency

Use linked models to provide consistency between portfolio managers and risk managers

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