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Regulatory Reporting

Reduce your total cost of ownership through our end-to-end regulatory reporting solutions

Simplify your regulatory filing process

Rapid, ongoing evolution of the global regulatory market presents challenges for financial institutions looking for an automated, scalable and data-driven approach to regulatory reporting. Our end-to-end transparent reporting solution seamlessly consolidates data from various sources, risk systems and regulatory calculations to bring to the market the only ‘single software package’ that can produce a complete regulatory filing.

Leveraging Axioma RiskTM allows for the use of the same underlying data to produce the risk measurements ensuring a consistent, firm-wide picture of risk across all reporting regimes. And, because we understand that every workflow is unique, we’ll work together to customize a solution that works for you.

Derivative Risk Managers: Prepare for the SEC 18f-4 Rule

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Our secure, automated platform can help you:

Simplify your filing process

Asset managers can complete all regulatory filings within a single platform

Save time with managed services

From onboarding to filing, our client service teams will help you every step of the way

Be more confident with your filings

Direct integration with our secure and centralized repository of risk data ensure consistency across report

Tackle multiple global transparency filings

Flexible and intelligent system enables you to create and file – all one platform

Validate reports in real time

Transparent, consistent and accurate risk analytics derived from the Axioma Risk engine

Streamline your workflow

Connect your third-party sources to ensure consistency and accuracy across entire investment functions

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