Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Futures aim to replicate the payoff profile of total-return swaps in a cost-efficient and standardized way and offer a listed solution for trading the implied equity repo rate.
As hedge funds pile up short Treasury future positions like it’s February 2020, certain parts of the financial markets are getting nervous that we could be in for a repetition of the liquidity crisis seen in early March that year.
In the last ten days, investor sentiment has decided to focus on the only positive from this data, that inflation may have peaked and is decidedly on the retreat.
Mixed BoE signals invert Gilt curve; Pound rebounds as UK rates outstrip US; Co-movement of bonds and currencies boosts portfolio risk.
Designed to facilitate equity financing, Eurex is introducing new equity total return futures (ETRFs) that replicate popular OTC equity swaps and incorporate the benefits of an exchange-listed product. Stuart Heath from Eurex explains what advantages ETRFs bring to banks and investors, and describes the role of indices in creating the new contracts.
As a new batch of ETPs tracking STOXX single-stock short and leveraged indices is listed on the London Stock Exchange and Euronext, we talk to Oktay Kavrak from issuer Leverage Shares to find out how the products work and how investors are using them.
Much has been written about the spectacular comeback of Value stocks. But has this also been reflected in the credit market? The steep rise of the Value factor from the Axioma Factor-based Fixed Income Risk Model over the past 14 months seems to suggest that the answer is yes.
The TRFs on the EURO STOXX Banks Index and EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index will be listed on Mar. 29. TRFs have seen strong demand from banks selling structured products and other market participants as a way to efficiently gain exposure to price-plus-dividend returns of shares and indices.
Qontigo has partnered with Leverage Shares to provide indices for 25 innovative products that were listed on Mar. 17 and enable investors and traders to efficiently gain leveraged and short exposure to a set of underlying stocks.
Clarity AI announced today that it has closed a USD $15 million funding round led by Deutsche Börse AG and co-investor Mundi Ventures.
US Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (Mortgage REITs) have been crushed by the coronavirus crisis, substantially underperforming the US equity market as a whole, as their risk has skyrocketed to levels not seen by any US industry in at least three decades.
The recent decision by the Federal Reserve Bank to add high-yield funds to its asset-purchasing program triggered unprecedented flows into exchange-traded funds specializing in sub-investment grade securities.
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