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Without superior service and support, the best solutions are not the best solutions

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Collaborative access to senior professionals with deep knowledge of the challenges our clients face is at the core of our service model. We get tremendous satisfaction helping our clients overcome the issues they confront. We devote significant effort to attracting and retaining people who share our passion for delivering the outstanding service our clients demand and deserve.

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North America: 1.800.558.7983
Europe: +44 (0) 20 3608 1266
Asia: +852.8203.2770
Hours: Sunday at 8:00 PM EST to Friday at 8:00 PM EST

Phone: +41 43 430 72 72
Fax: +41 43 430 72 72
Hours: Monday 07:30 AM CET to Friday 10:00 PM CET

As a Qontigo client, you will receive

Direct interaction with highly qualified and credentialed specialists

Access to senior customer support individuals globally, wherever you are located

Ongoing support and training to ensure you continue to extract the most value from Qontigo products

Regular updates and releases of software and solutions

Full range of customized implementation services

Qontigo difference


Full support for the integration and customization of Qontigo’s solutions into new or existing business processes, including:

  • Define project scope and requirements
  • Analysis and prioritization of near-term and long-term goals
  • Help define the most efficient roadmap and best practices solutions
  • Coordinate Qontigo and client resources to manage projects on time and on budget


Highly customized onsite, online or hosted training sessions tailored to each client’s investment process to ensure that clients are thoroughly comfortable.

Applied Research

Qontigo Applied Research team helps clients to identify best practices through dedicated research. Our subject matter experts assist clients in areas such as:

  • Analyzing current portfolio construction strategies and practices
  • Running both factor-based and returns-based performance attributions on historical portfolios to identify past portfolio tilts and associated risks
  • Performing detailed backtests and simulations to test advanced portfolio construction techniques