Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


LevDAX® x2 (PR) EUR


Realize multiple DAX® performance  When looking to maximize returns on a particular level of risk, or to minimize the risks relating to particular opportunities, investors turn to index-related financial instruments. In order to track different risk/return profiles, systematic investment strategies corresponding to these various profiles are developed by the capital market. For investors with an appetite for risk, Market Data & Analytics has developed the LevDAX® Indices. For example: the LevDAX® x4 allows investors to profit from four times the daily performance of the DAX® index. A positive change in the DAX® index is reflected in a four-fold change in the performance of the LevDAX® x4 and vice versa. The leverage factor is adjusted on a daily basis to ensure that the LevDAX® x4 always achieves four times the performance of the underlying index based on the closing level of the previous day. All LevDAX® Indices have a protective mechanism to prevent a total loss. If an index loses more than 50 percent at any point during one day, the leverage effect will be adjusted ad-hoc and the calculation continued based on the DAX® level prior to that time.

Index Guides, Benchmark statement, and other reports are available under the "Data & Methodology" tab.


Last Value
2,281.39 +12.14 (+0.53%)
As of 05:55 pm CET
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52 Week Low
1563.1629 Sep 2022
52 Week High
3219.535 Jan 2022
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