Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

STOXX® World Equity indices

Global benchmark indices that are representative, investable and modular in design

Our global index offering provides investors with building blocks to slice and dice the world’s equity markets along region, country, size and sector while adhering to both consistent methodology and international benchmarking standards – leaving no gaps or overlaps in their coverage.

Key benefits


Broad yet liquid coverage of global large, mid and small cap companies that supports clients’ investment decisions


A consistent and transparent methodology offering our clients flexibility in their preferences while fully embracing global standards of governance


Our tailored approach ensures the ability to specify markets and their segments to match our clients’ investment views and create highly targeted indices

Index methodology

The STOXX World AC* All Cap Index aims to provide a broad universe that includes all investable stocks, ADRs and GDRs from all developed and emerging markets worldwide.

Large and mid-cap versions cover approximately 70% and 85% respectively of float-adjusted market capitalization. Numerous derived indices can be created by filtering the STOXX World AC All Cap Index components on geographic region/country, capital markets (developed or emerging), size (large, mid or small), and/or sector. The component weights of the derived indices are market cap weighted unless specified otherwise.

* AC stands for All Countries

Key STOXX World Equity indices

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DAX’s two-year methodology overhaul cements German benchmark’s standing with investors, issuers 

Qontigo has been busy in the past two years enhancing the DAX rulebook, to bolster the quality of constituent companies, bring selection criteria in line with international standards and improve representativeness of the underlying markets. Serkan Batir, Qontigo’s Managing Director for Indices, says the overhaul helps ensure the benchmark is fit for purpose in an evolving financial landscape.

ESG & Sustainability

Corporate engagement as an index provider: a real possibility

In the race to net-zero and the era of sustainable investing, indices can have a bigger role than just channeling capital to specific goals. At Qontigo we believe we must engage with index constituents to encourage best practices in climate alignment and explain the impact that climate-related metrics can have on index composition.

Index / ETFs

Qontigo licenses STOXX benchmark for ESG investing in China to PSBC

Qontigo, a global provider of indices and analytics and part of Deutsche Börse Group, has licensed the STOXX PSBC China A ESG Index to Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC). The index serves as an underlying for an onshore wealth management vehicle launched by PSBC. The index applies an ESG score, exclusionary screens, and incorporates Qontigo’s quantitative portfolio construction tools.

Index / ETFs

DAX’s two-year methodology overhaul cements German benchmark’s standing with investors, issuers

The last two years have been among the most eventful in the blue-chip DAX® index’s three-decade life. Qontigo, which manages the German benchmark and its entire family of indices, has since 2020 pursued DAX’s biggest overhaul since its inception. The aim has been to bolster the quality of constituent companies, bring selection criteria in line with international standards and improve representativeness.


From pandemic profiteers to stagflation hostages: FAANGs stranglehold weighs on US market

The FAANGs — Facebook (now Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (i.e., Alphabet) — are having an annus horribilis. But they still have gains to show for the past three years, and, importantly for investors, the group’s influence on the US market has only decreased so much.


Stocks rebound in October on hopes for Fed’s policy pivot

The STOXX Global 1800 index rose 7.1% in dollars last month, after falling to a two-year low. While most economists rightly forecast the Federal Reserve’s fourth consecutive hike of 75 basis points on Nov. 2, speculation grew during October that the central bank could indicate it would slow the pace of monetary tightening.

Index / ETFs

LGIM switches to iSTOXX World Min Vol ESG index for pension fund mandate

The customized index is an optimized solution that balances multiple investment objectives and uses various inputs, including LGIM’s proprietary ESG data.

Index / ETFs

Qontigo licenses iSTOXX World Min Vol ESG Index to LGIM for pension fund mandate

Qontigo has licensed the newly launched iSTOXX World Min Vol ESG Index to Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM). The index will be used for a large pension fund mandate. This index is based on STOXX’s broadest equity universe, the STOXX World AC (All Countries), including both Developed and Emerging Markets and incorporates both proprietary ESG data provided by LGIM and data from ISS ESG.