Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Client Segments

Asset Owners

Consolidated analysis through a single lens

With multi-asset models and asset allocation tools, we help pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and other asset investors gain greater insights across holdings. Build your own custom benchmarks with an ESG tilt, evaluate ESG integration and performance, hedge your future liabilities and simplify reporting to your clients – all through our flexible, integrated solutions.

Why Qontigo?

Truly multi-asset

Easily switch between a holistic view across equities, fixed income, commodities and alternatives or dive deeper for individual risk and performance analysis

Intelligent climate investment solutions

Encourages a shift in investments towards a low-carbon economy and to align investments to the Paris Climate Agreement and Climate Transition Benchmark

ESG strategies

Access a wide range of indices meeting exclusionary and inclusionary criteria or import your own third party ESG data to model new strategies and create passive benchmarks

Flexible risk horizons

Adjust your risk model horizons to view what matters most to you

Ideal asset allocation

Construct your optimal portfolio mix across all of your asset types through our enterprise risk management and optimizer tools

Single view of risk and return

Decompose your risks by factor – or any other standard – across all your assets and liabilities

Risk hedging

Use our innovative spread curves data with our optimizer to understand the effectiveness of hedging FX, rates or any other risk factor

Illiquid asset modeling

Understand cashflow and economic sensitivities of your hard-to-price assets from infrastructure to real estate

Solvency II compliance reporting

Use the power of full-revaluation analytics and risk to accurately calculate Solvency Capital Ratios (SCR) for capital monitoring and Tripartite (TPT) reporting purposes

High level overview

Report out the most important risk, performance, portfolio data at a glance with an interactive, intuitive dashboard

Scalable infrastructure

Eliminate legacy and disparate systems thanks to our flexible plug-and-play, API-first and cloud technology for consolidation onto one platform

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