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Incorporate standard norm- and product-based exclusionary (ESG-X) screenings, and maintain a low tracking error and similar risk-return profiles to flagship benchmarks

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STOXX provides ESG-screened versions of more than 70 benchmarks that meet the standard responsible-investing criteria of leading asset owners. The suite offers ESG-X versions of global, regional and emerging markets benchmarks, including the EURO STOXX 50® and the STOXX® Europe 600 indices.

Key indices

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STOXX Europe 600 ESG-X


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Key benefits

Standard exclusions

Incorporate widely used exclusions based on global norms, controversial weapons, thermal coal and tobacco

Close to benchmark

Control your tracking error and keep the same methodology of flagship benchmarks

Strict monitoring

Keep abreast of company developments and allow for swift portfolio changes in the face of sustainability breaches

Focus on liquidity

Use indices that are suitable as underlying for mandates, passive funds, ETFs, structured products and listed derivatives, with the ambition to increase liquidity and lower the cost of trading


Adopt a simple methodology to comply with increasing regulatory and client requirements

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