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The Qontigo Sustainable Investment Ecosystem

Indices that increase liquidity and lower trading costs to help meet your specific and diverse sustainable investment goals

Building Blocks of Sustainable Investing

A complete ecosystem changes the playing field with solutions for a wide range of objectives and market uptake. Our indices help increase liquidity and lower the cost of trading, ideal for benchmarking and to underlie ETFs, derivatives, certificates and structured products.

Qontigo’s ESG Categories

ESG-X Indices (Exclusion)

ESG-X indices incorporate standard norm- and product-based screenings on flagship benchmarks but maintains low tracking error and similar risk-return profiles.

ESG Indices (Inclusion)

Our growing family of ESG indices overweights the most responsible companies within the world’s most iconic benchmarks, while underweighting the laggards.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors to their analyses to identify material risks and growth opportunities1 with a focus on sustainability at the forefront.

Our complete ecosystem changes the playing field with solutions for a wide range of investor objectives and market uptake that increases liquidity and lowers the cost of trading.

Where STOXX ESG Indices Add Value: ETFs, Listed & OTC Derivatives, Certificates, Structured Products, Benchmarking
Growing Ecosystem Based on STOXX ESG Indices

What makes us different?

Superior design

Use accurate and transparent non-financial factors to identify material risks and growth opportunities1

Transparency and simplicity

Resort to a clear and easy-to-explain, rules-based framework to incorporate ESG considerations into your processes

Liquidity and tradability

Use indices for which liquidity plays a crucial role in the selection of securities

Data quality

Partner with leading ESG and carbon data providers thanks to our strategic open architecture

Fast exit

React swiftly to companies’ breach of conduct via our rapid re-alignment methodology

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Source: “ESG Investing and Analysis” CFA Institute