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STOXX ESG Broad Market Indices

Broad benchmarks minus ESG laggards and exclusions

The STOXX ESG Broad Market Indices are versions of major market-capitalization-weighted benchmarks that screen out 20% of the parent index consisting of the poorest ESG-scoring constituents and companies in activities deemed controversial.

Key indices

All ESG Broad Market Indies

EURO STOXX® ESG Broad Market

STOXX® Global 1800 ESG Broad Market

STOXX® Europe 600 ESG Broad Market

STOXX® USA 500 ESG Broad Market

STOXX® Japan 600 ESG Broad Market

STOXX® USA 900 ESG Broad Market

STOXX® North America 600 ESG Broad Market

STOXX® Asia/Pacific 600 ESG Broad Market

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Key benefits

Efficient ESG screening

Employ a transparent and effective ESG screening in a systematic process that retains the parent index’s free-float market-cap-weighting scheme.

Open architecture

We rely on state-of-the-art and constantly updated information from our partner Sustainalytics, an award-winning provider of ESG data.

Standard exclusions

The indices implement ESG exclusions that are industry standard: global norms, controversial weapons, tobacco production, thermal coal and military contracting.

Regulation in mind

Our sustainability indices are designed to prioritize alignment with an increasing body of regulatory requirements.

Diversified and liquid

Suitable as underlying for mandates, passive funds, ETFs, structured products and listed derivatives.

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