Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Blog Posts — September 7, 2023

Wacker Chemie, Daimler Truck, E.ON among companies joining DAX ESG indices

STOXX has announced the results of the September regular review to the composition of the DAX® 50 ESGDAX® 50 ESG+DAX® ESG TargetDAX® ESG ScreenedMDAX® ESG+ and MDAX® ESG Screened indices, as well as of the benchmark DAX®. The actions listed below will be effective as of Sept. 18 this year.


Addition:         Wacker Chemie

Deletion:         Bayer


Additions:        Brenntag, Daimler Truck, E.ON 

Deletions:        Scout24, SMA Solar Technology, Telefonica Deutschland

DAX ESG Target

No changes

DAX ESG Screened

Addition:         E.ON


Additions:        United Internet, Vitesco Technologies

Deletion:          Krones

MDAX ESG Screened

Additions:        United Internet, Vitesco Technologies

Deletion:          Krones


No changes

The DAX 50 ESG combines negative screening and best-in-class ESG integration, and was developed as a broad-market ESG benchmark with a larger composition than that of the flagship DAX.1 The DAX ESG Target follows an optimized weighting methodology whose objective is to improve the portfolio’s ESG score and decrease its carbon footprint relative to the benchmark, while limiting the tracking error.  

The objective of the DAX ESG Screened index is to reflect the performance of the DAX after removing companies that fail screenings for global norms, controversial weapons, product involvement and a minimum ESG rating. 

The DAX 50 ESG+ reflects the performance of the 50 highest ESG-ranked German companies after using sustainability exclusion filters.2

The MDAX ESG indices follow similar methodologies as the DAX ESG indices, while tracking mid-cap companies. 

The next regular review of the DAX ESG indices will take place on Dec. 6, 2023. 

1,2 Selection universe for these indices is the HDAX®.